PANACeA held knowelagde sharing event and capitalisation event on 23/24-25.10.2017 in Barcelona, Spain

October 27, 2017


PANACeA hold knowelagde sharing event and capitalisation events on 23/24-25.10.2017 in Barcelona, Spain


PANACeA knowelagde sharing event –„Bridging the Science-Practice-Policy Gap in Mediterranean Biodiversity Protection” on 23-24.10.2017 in Barcelona, Spain aiming at linking the needs of regional practitioners to researchers and to facilitate evidence-based policy making, brought together a comprehensive network of experts from public & private institutions actively working to protect biodiversity and natural ecosystems in Mediterranean Protected Areas. Filling the current gap between Science, Management and Policy is one of the priority targets of this EU MED Biodiversity Protection Community.

The event fostered a constructive, productive dialogue between researchers, practitioners and policy making officials and shall issue a set of recommendations for bridging the Science-Practice-Policy gap, in support of enhanced management and conservation of biodiversity and ecosystems in Protected Areas. The dialogue articulated around 3 cross-cutting issues that have been specifically identified as relevant to the Community:

  1. Addressing emergent, transboundary biodiversity protection challenges in Protected Areas, with a focus on climate change and marine litter.
  2. Sustainable use of natural resources, with a focus on fisheries.
  3. Integrated ecosystem monitoring, focusing on freshwater, coastal, and marine ecosystems.


Back to back to the knowelagde sharing event –„Bridging the Science-Practice-Policy Gap in Mediterranean Biodiversity Protection”, PANACeA organised the capitalisation event – “Strategic Interreg Med Biodiversity Protection Meeting” on 25.10.2017, where MED Biodiversity Protection Community and PANACeA partners discussed and analysed policies, gaps, needs and tools to reach the targeted decision maker audience with some of the most prominent topics relevant for biodiversity protection in the Mediterranean.

As a result of the discussions, a Report will be produced outlining the identified Recommendations onStrategies and Tools for Bridging the Science-Practice-Policy Gap for Biodiversity Protection in the Mediterranean”.

REC Montenegro, as one of the PANACeA partners participated and actively contributed to the organisation and strategic work of two stated events.